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Dear colleagues,

The symposium "Towards a European Innovation Area", organized by the
French Presidency  of the European Union along with the Commission,
is now getting quite close
: 21st of November !

The symposium is moderated by the european journalist Alex Taylor and will
be adressed by
Erkki LIIKANEN : European Commissioner for enterprises and the Information
Philippe BUSQUIN : European Commissioner for Research
Laurent FABIUS : French Minister of the Economy, Finance and Industry
Roger-Gérard SCHWARTZENBERG : French Minister  of Research

First round table : financing, capital and innovation

Chaired by Lars REKKE Swedish State Secretary for Industry, Employment and

The financing of innovation is specific in that it is risky, the demand
side is not always solvable and it generally generates a high social outpout.
- How can the financing supply side be reinforced in the upstream phases ?
- How can all the segments of innovation be irrigated ?
- What are the respectives responsiblilities of public and private players ?
- How can the European risk-capital market be organised or regulated and
rapidly reach a critical size ?
- How can innovation financing arragements be developed at both national
and community level ?
John BERRY : Chairman of European Business Angels Network
Olivier LEFEBVRE : Président of teh Brussels Stock Exchange
Jim MARTIN : Founding Partner of Add Partners, chairman of EVCA's high tech
Francis MAYER : Vice President of the European Investment Bank
Carmel VERNIA : Chief Scientist Ministry of Industry and Trade Israël

Secund round table : Society growth and innovation
Chaired by Yves PIETRASANTA, member of the European Parliament

Whereas globalization has jsut turned the existing economic, political and
social organization upside down, innovation is behind new products and new
- How can it be made a factor for shared growth, promoting economic
competitiveness and social cohesion in Europe ?
- What are the challenges for both individuals and the community : access
to knowledge, sharing of work, exercising of democraty, etc ?
- How can the chances coming about be turned to everyone's advantage, the
inherent risks of exclusion be avoited and the emergence of European
citizenship be promoted through the distribution of innovation ?
Juliana BORSOS TORSTILA Director of International Operations, Mandatum
Philippe QUEAU : Director of Unesco's Information system and communication
Nicole TURBE SUTENS : President of the French teleworking association
and the participation of representatives of the biotechnologies sector and
of the information and communication industries

Third round table : research, technology and innovation
Chaired by Mariano GAGO, Portugese Minister of Science and Technology

Research is a key factor in European competitivness and employment. Europe
must promote transfers of technologies in its economy and develop
innovation within a European area for research and innovation.
- How can scientific and industrial excellence be combined to establish the
basis of ambitious economic and technological developemnt and thereby
support european innovation ?
- What new means of coupling between research and innovation should be
improved ?
- How can the mobilization of researchers in the innovation process be
improved ?
- what national and european institutional, financial and legal reforms
should be considerd to attain this objective ?
Pierre CHAMBON Professor at the College de France
Marcel COCHET : rector of the catholic University of louvain
Arturo GONZALES ROMERO : technological policy director : Spanish minsitry
of Science and Technology
Magnus KLOFSTEN : Director at city of linkoping
Richard SYKES : Non executive Chairman Gloxao Smithkline

You can access the information and inscription pages for the symposium
on www.cordis.lu/france/en/inno-prog.htm

With many thanks, and hoping to see you in Lyon.

for further information

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