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       Syndicat professionnel allemand cherche partenaires e content
       Mon, 17 Mar 2003 12:17:34 +0100 (MET)

ver.di, one of the largest German unions, is looking for international partners in an econtent
project for call III. You find description of the project.

Karin Banduhn
themen + texte
Tel.: 0211.497690.30
Fax: 0211.497690.33

 Palladio - multilingual knowledge forum for work committees and employees 

Palladio is intended to establish a Pan European market place for the exchange of knowledge and the
satisfaction of fundamental needs for information applied by in-plant standard setting participants
(persons in charge of eduction, training&skills, professional development; work committees) of
European countries. This market place for paid content will be realized in the internet as well as
in organized meetings. 


An integrative, multilingual online-offline forum for operational standard setting participants will
be developed. The information platform makes meeting demand legal texts, law comments, suitable
collective agreement excerpts, judgements as well as operating and service agreements available. 
Best case examples, action models and experiences available are provided just like 
 concepts the organization of payment systems, 
 enterprise organizations and work-time regulations, 
 industrial safety questions, 
 employment protection etc.. 
 requirements for tele-working
The business is generated by selling exclusive, specific content provided by The project partners
(trade unions), participants of Palladio. The exclusive content consists of experienced knowledge of
people working in the fields of work committee, skills and professional education. The content will
be worked out and edited by an edition company to be defined and sold via Internet (case studies,
documentaries, articles and video streams of special interests)  

Target Groups

This offer is conceived for any representatives of work-force:
 youth and training agencies
  persons in charge of equalization
 persons in charge of data protection
 specialists for industrial safety standards
 trade union function carriers 
 further groups of participants which participate in-plant 

Innovative Aspects and Advantages of the Project:
 In the internet scattered items of information are bundled and made available in a structured way
 A model of a net-protected knowledge management system of Non-Profit-Institutions is created.
 A prove for the enriching effect of Pan European co-operation is carried out.
 The efficiency and effectiveness of standard setting work are developed, as double work is avoided
 Synergies of a co-operation via internet are drawn.
 A basic information offer which is cost-effective carries out itself. 
 Classical e-Commerce and e-Business-applications are supplemented around a prominent offer for
target groups, which strive for social reconciliation and social justice.
 The economical basis of employment can ensure durability and open synergies for the use of
existing resources.

Organisation/Company submitting Partner Search
trade union for the third sector (Services:Technology, Telecommunications, Print Industry, Media)
Vereinigte Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft ver.di
Size of Organisation submitting Technology Offer (please tick one box) 

Other Partners in Project: 

Ver.di Innotec S.A., Frankfurt, provides the technical platform and mediates to work committees
external know-how, consultings, basic information as well as qualification offers and implement for
this its own quality management. 
The content management system "Beach42" is provided by Syrius S.A, Düsseldorf 
Our target groups for project partnerships consist of trade unions, employment agencies and
ministries of Labour. A pre-selection of potential partners has been made, thus not yet defined

Partner details

Organisation/Company you are looking for Partner's contribution 
partners for Palladio should be in the public services or should be allied to public institutions.
Trade unions or  representatives of the job market are preferred. They should be able to efficiently
cover the function of a national portal coordinator and content provider. The proof of being
initiator or member of an issue-related operating network is required, as well as a solid economical

Partner's skill: 
Knowledge of the German Language with the purpose to translate provided content in the national
idiom. Should be familiar with systems and strategies for knowledge management and at the sources of
qualified content.