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From: Patrick Schouller 


Throughout its 27 year life span, the Research Institute for Informatics
has consolidated its position as an advanced research and development centre
in the field of application software, systems and telecommunications. The
eight Academy Awards received by members of the  , the development of the
National Computer Network for Research and Developments built on the
pioneering research work started in early '70s, the Institute‘s
participation in more than thirty projects and networks of excellence under
the COPERNICUS, ESPRIT and JOULE Programmes, and the technology transfer
centres in ITC are only a few indications of the strengths of the institute,
both past and present.

Since 1990,   has evolved from a typical science-oriented institution
towards an organisation with a significant innovation orientation, and with
a focussed technology strategy within an increasingly important
international context. The major changes and restructuring in CEEC countries
have given the Institute  significant opportunities for wider co-operation
with EU organisations.

DG 13‘s TEN-Telecom programme is of particular importance to  , as it offers
us a unique chance to apply our knowledge and skills on a European-wide
scale. We welcome the opportunity to co-operate with EU partners in this
programme, bearing in mind the current financial limitations on CEEC
participation. We are sure that this will lead to a wider, on-going
co-operation with out partners in the west in the future.

25% of the last 3 years' annual turnover coming from export contracts and
partnerships in international research projects
Partner in 34 EC-PECO and COPERNICUS, and ESPRIT Working Groups, Networks of
Excellence and Joint Research Projects since 1993
Bilateral co-operation agreements with SEMA GROUP France, DIGITAL France,
DataCentralen Denmark, INTERGRAPH, USA, CNRS LAAS Toulouse France, SIVECO
France, SINORG France, Ingegneria Informatica Italy, GMD FOKUS and IMK
Germany, SQW Cambridge UK, Bentley Systems USA, Fraunhofer IITB Germany,
Ernst & Young France
Associated partner of European Software Institute
60 memberships in international scientific bodies and associations
National operator of The Romanian Computer Network for Research and
Development (RNC) - member in the TERENA, EBONE and CEENet European
Publisher of the International Journal "Studies in Informatics and Control"
8 Academy Awards since 1982
In an evaluation study made by Coopers&Lybrand in 1997,   was placed on the
first position of the top-nine list of the most famous Romanian Institutes.

  TEN Telecom Co-operation

Dr. Filip is responsible for the Institute‘s International co-operation
activities, supported by Eng. Macri.  Together, they define the requirements
of a specific project or application, agreeing the specifications,
timescales, costings and contract terms with the other party or parties

In the case of co-operation with Partners in EU-funded projects, the
Institute normally works on a sub-contractor basis, in view of the current
funding rules to the CEEC.  This is generally not an issue, in view of the
low daily rates charged by the Institute relative to EU levels.

Work can begin as soon as the job requirements have been clearly defined and
a contract has been signed. The Institute appoints a Senior project to run
the project in Bucharest, and to act as the Institute‘s point of contact
with the western contractor.  Our Institute has excellent international
communications facilities – telephone, facsimile, Internet access and
E-mail.  The Institute also operates its own web-server and other Internet

In the case of the TEN-Telecom Programme, we are particularly interested in
participating in international projects, which offer the opportunity for the
Institute to handle a significant programming or network responsibility, and
to co-ordinate the implementation of applications and services offered by
the project in Romania.  In view of the Institute‘s central position within
the country‘s computer and telecommunications infrastructure, we have
excellent and direct connections with virtually all Educational, Cultural
and Health activities, as well as with Industry and the Government.  We are
therefore well placed to link into the appropriate areas for pilot and
feasibility activities relating to most of the TEN-Telecom Programme areas
of interest. We look forward to meeting the challenge that this Programme
offers, and to working with EU organizations to implement projects together.

300 highly qualified researchers, analysts and programmers working in 25
laboratories grouped in 3 major departments:
2 members of the Romanian Academy
4 active members of the New York Academy of Sciences
20 PhD and 19 Ph candidates
Software Tools, Management Information Systems, Industrial Informatics
6 UNIX development platforms (SUN, Silicon Graphics, Hewlett-Packard, DEC,
IBM, UNISYS) and more than 200 PCs, all connected to INTERNET via RNC having
two international links: 2 Mbps to UUNET and 64Kbps to ACONet
30,000 title technical library
Few web servers links as start for more information about  :
http://www.ici.ro,   HYPERLINK http://www.rnc.ro     HYPERLINK
http://www.ici.ro/   http://www.ici.ro/ ,   HYPERLINK http://www.rnc.ro/
http://www.rnc.ro/ ,   HYPERLINK http://www.ici.ro/ici/euproject.html   http
://www.ici.ro/ici/euproject.html ,    HYPERLINK http
://www.ici.ro/ici/ici.html   http://www.ici.ro/ici/ici.html ,   HYPERLINK

               Servers' Farm Room of Romanian R&D Network (RNC)
URL: http://www.rnc.ro

8-10 Averescu Avenue,
71316, Bucharest 1, ROMANIA

Phone: 	+40-1-222 3778
Fax: 	+40-1-224 0539
E-mail: 	filipf@u3.ici.ro
URL: 	http://www.ici.ro

Dr. Florin G. Filip
Corresponding Member of the Romanian Academy
President of the Scientific Council of
Deputy Director for International Co-operation
                        Patrick SCHOULLER
	  Direction Generale des Strategies Industrielles
	    3/5 rue Barbet de Jouy   75353 PARIS  07 SP
Telephone : + 33 1 43 19 34 25    Telecopie : + 33 1 43 19 35 51
http://www.industrie.gouv.fr.   http://www.telecom.gouv.fr