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BUSMAPNET : Entreprise italienne cherche parenaires pour projet ETEN

We are searching  a couple of partners  to be included in the new proposal
we are going to submitby the 9 june.

The provisional title of the project is BUSMAPNET 

The objective is to provide added e.services to SME by integrating into one
single web service framework business data owned by public institutions for
the segment of company  life authorisations.

The framework will integrate  : Company Repositories, Electronic Document
Archives and Geographical Data.

More in detail we are looking for

a) a Chamber of Commerce or any similar organisation aable to validate the

b) a tech transfer IT partner able to set up the prototype

In case of interest I will foreward executive summary to any requester.
Thank you

Francesco Fusco
EC project manager

Tel +390512961243
Mob +393482493233

mail: francesco.fusco@sintranet.it

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