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From: "Patrick SCHOULLER" 
Subject: CELTIC 3 appel à propositions / lancement  24 janvier 2005 / clôture 22 avril 2005

CELTIC - 3rd Call for Project Proposals

CELTIC, a EUREKA cluster project, is a European R&D programme designed to
strengthen Europe's competitiveness in telecommunications through short and
medium term collaborative projects. CELTIC is the only European R&D programme
fully dedicated to end-to-end telecommunication solutions. 

CELTIC is open to telecoms network operators and suppliers, large companies
SMEs as well as research institutes and universities from all EUREKA
The focus of CELTIC projects is on pre-competitive development of
comprehensive, integrated communication system solutions, including platforms
and test vehicles. CELTIC expects a 5-years project budget in the range of 1
billion Euro.

The start of the successful projects is envisaged for early 2006. The costs
CELTIC projects are shared between governments, who contribute up to 50 % of
the project budget, and private investment.

>From 24 January 2005, submission of proposal outlines for Call 3 is open. The
deadline for the submission of proposal outlines is 22 April 2005. Further
information is available on the CELTIC website at

The proposal submission is split in two phases:

Phase 1
Submission of Proposal Outlines (PO). These proposals will be evaluated until
mid June 2005.

Phase 2
Full Project Proposals (FPP) for those project outlines that have passed the
assessment and were recommended to become a CELTIC project. The FPP submission
period will be from 20 June to 6 October 2005.

Technical Focus
Proposals shall contribute to the CELTIC "Integrated Telecommunications
Systems" approach and shall contribute to promoting the CELTIC "Pan-European
laboratory" with suitable platforms and test vehicles. 

In Call 3, special emphasis is given to project proposals focusing on:

- End-to-end fixed infrastructures 

- Multimedia

Proposals focusing on other objectives are also welcome as long as they comply
with the CELTIC Purple Book (version 2), which is available for download at 

CELTIC Information Day

On 16 February 2005 CELTIC will organise an Information Day, which is open to
everybody. This events is a forum to present their proposals and to discuss
project ideas with interested experts or potential project partners. The
information day is free of charge and will be held in Heidelberg, Germany.
Further information is available at 

Interested partners who would like to get into touch with consortia looking
additional companies or experts should consult the CELTIC partner search page
and may also use our partner contact form at

For further information please check our website at
http://www.celtic-initiative.org or contact the CELTIC Programme Coordinator,
Dr. Peter Herrmann (herrmann@celtic-initiative.org).
Heinz Brüggemann
CELTIC Office, Heidelberg

Tel: +49 6221 989 372
Fax: +49 6221 989 451

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