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Company Name: ETAss 
Web site: www.etass.org 
President: Laura M. Colombo 
Contact: Marco Decandia 
Contact email: marco.decandia@etass.org 
Interest: join french projects 

ETAss skills 
Skills. As you the projects described above testifies, ETAss has
consolidated skills in business research, especially in the HR area and in
the application of new technologies for business developments and process
improvement. I only add a few points related to training activity. 

In the last years ETAss: 
.Has managed more than ?6.000.000,00 of public funds for HR development 
.Has rolled out more than 25.000 hours of professional training 
.Has trained more than 2.500 managers and professionals 

As a Association of companies, ETAss is the center of a network of more
than 150 companies that, beside being associated to ETAss, are leading
actors in many different sectors of the business world. Being at the heart
of such a network is of great help in performing research, developing
business studies and carrying out pilot activities. 
Moreover ETAss has participated, both as a partner and as a main
contractor, in several European Projects (eten and other programmes). 

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