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Dear researcher, 

     FET Information Day 3 - 4 June 2004 in Brussels 

     The programme of the FET Information Day, to be held on 3 - 4 June
2004 in Centre Albert
     Borschette in Brussels is now available on our website
     http://www.cordis.lu/ist/fet/ie-june04.htm. The programme includes a
specific session on
     the Bio-i3 initiative on June 4th. Two invited speakers will present
their vision on the
     initiative and on possible research topics within it. The session will
also offer an
     opportunity for the participants to present shortly their intention to
set up a research
     proposal and need for partners or offer to participate in a consortium
with their expertise.
     Furthermore, time has been reserved for participants to meet each
other, the invited
     speakers or the EC staff. In the plenary session on June 3rd common
questions on
     integrated projects and networks of excellence are elucidated. The
presentations will be
     available on the FET website after the event.

     The event is free but registration is mandatory (deadline May 22nd). 

     Bio-i3 website news 

     The background paper of the Bio-i3 initiative has been revised
slightly to make the
     paragraph on ethical issues more clear. See
     We will also add FAQ's to the website in the near future.

     For further information feel free to contact us via istfet@cec.eu.int. 

          Best regards, 

          Pekka Karp 
          Coordinator of the Bio-i3 initiative 
          Future and Emerging Technologies 
          European Commission  DG INFSO 
          Tel: +32 2 296 02 88 
          Fax: +32 2 296 83 97 

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