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Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2001 16:47:42 +0200
From: "Paul MORDANT" 
Objet: Iinitiative europeenne pour aider les PME àdevenir numeriques /
infodayBruxelles / 6 avril 2001/

Helping SMEs to "GoDigital”  Brussels, 6 April 2001.  
As part of the eEurope Action Plan, the European Commission is launching
initiative encouraging SMEs to use the Internet more frequently as a
In order to introduce this initiative, a kick-off meeting will take
place on
the 6th April 2001, from 9.30-13.00 in the Charlemagne building, Rue de
la Loi
170, in Brussels. At this meeting, the European Commission will inform
about the
different Community programmes and actions aimed at supporting SMEs to
electronic business. The meeting will be opened by Commissioner
followed by presentations from Directorates General Enterprise,
Society, Regional Policy and Education and Culture. Invitations have
been sent
to European industry associations, chambers of commerce,
regional organisations and other European business support networks
active in
the field of e-business. 
An announcement of this conference has been published on the GoDigital
[http://europa.eu.int/ISPO/ecommerce/godigital]. You are invited to
in this event. Please register on the web-site as soon as possible (by
31st of
March latest) and inform your members about this opportunity to exchange
with the Commission on how to help SMEs to “GoDigital”.

        Reinhard Büscher        Jesús Villasante 

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