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       Consortium espagnol recherche partenaires ETEN en sécurité
       Thu, 4 Sep 2003 14:30:45 +0200 (MEST)

Action Line 5: Trust and Security
Proposal name: iSecure
Subject: Raising the level of trust and confidence among citizens, consumers
and SMEs, as essential elements for the deployment of e-applications. Based
on the best practices conducted by the Asociacion de Internautas, a
European-wide public service is intended to be launched, with participation
of the relevant stakeholders to contribute to the enhancement of trust and
confidence: Associations of Internet Users, Public Administrations,
Operators, SW manufacturers, etc.
Two main elements will be specially targetted in the project: 
· helping the final user adopt measures to enhance its Internet protection
(virus, hacking, spyware…)
· raising general awareness and knowledge on the risks inherent to internet
Proposer: Asociación de Internautas (AI). Non-profit organization dedicated
to provide support to Internet users.
Project description:
The Asociación de Internautas (Internet Users Association), in Spain, has
become increasingly aware of the existing need that the majority of the
Internet users have in understanding the dangers involved in the use of the
Internet, due to virus, hackers, private data getting compromised,
e-transactions, etc.
In conducting its duties, the AI has received multitude of messages
questioning the most basic concepts of security, which are clearly unknown
to the general public.
To help alleviate this lack of information, the AI has undertaken 4
successful campaigns in the last two years, concerning security issues, and
covering Spain and Latin America. These campaigns have been made possible
thanks to the collaboration of Official institutions, specialist security
companies, and media companies.
The main objectives in these campaigns were:
· Inform on the security issues related to the use of Internet in a
comprehensible way, discerning on what is dangerous to do and what is not
· Provide free access to security tools (virus protection, personal
firewall, mail encription…) for platforms most common (Windows, Mac, Linux),
with easy guides of installation and explanation of its most important
features. This tools included open source software and freeware mostly, and
evaluation versions of commercial products
· Estimulate the confidence and the use of the Internet, describing the
concepts of secure mail communication, secure electronic transactions,
digital certificates, etc.
· Involve official institutions, security companies and the media in the
dissemination of the concept of secure Internet and personal privacy
The results obtained in previous campaigns can be summarized as follows:
· More that one million CDs distributed with the contents of the campaign
and promotional software (including the dissemination through specialized
· A few thousands of articles and press releases (including both digital and
paper editions)
· More than 30 million webpages served
· More than one million downloads of freeware and promotional products
(virus protection software, firewalls, software against illegal use of
telephone services, cripto software, etc)
Some companies and sponsors involved in previous campaigns were:
· Panda antivirus, Symantec, Karsperky (virus protection)
· PCWorld, PCactual, Cadena 100, Atlas, EuropaPress, El Mundo, ABC, El Pais
(media companies)
· trend Micro
· Checkpoint (firewall)
· Telefonica, Jazztel
· Microsoft
· Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology
· Camerfirma, Firma profesional (digital certificates and digital
· …

The objective now is to extend this know-how and successful experiences to a
European-wide context, favouring good practices and improving the services
provided up to now with inputs from other entities.
Virus protection; privacy; personal firewall; secure transactions; secure

Consortium Members:
- Asociacion de Internautas, Coordinator, Spain
- ANIEL, Assistant Coordinator, Spain
- Telefonica de España, Spain
- Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología, Spain
- …

Wanted Partner profiles to join to the Consortium:
1. Communication company, whose task would be to provide support in the
definition of the campaign and dissemintation activities. Multilingual
skills and experience in other Internet projects shall be a must. 
2. Technology partner. A specialist in Internet security, in a user level,
whose task would be to evaluate the different technical solutions provided
by other security experts, acting as technology supervisor for the
3. Technology support provider. Its task would be to supervise the tools
made available to the end users, and the texts produced to explain them
(handbooks), as well as provide hotline support (e-mail and telephone).
Ideally, this profile should be present in all countries where the campaigns
are to be developed.

Work to be done:
1. Re-design the campaign: objectives to achieve (both technical and
sociological), target users, companies to contact (technology partners,
media companies…), etc
2. Produce multi-lingual contents to distribute. Basically:
· contact technology companies and reach agreements to provide security
· produce comprehensible texts explaining the most important security
· produce easy installation guides…
3. Undertake dissemination activities to raise public awareness on this
issue: website, media companies, articles, conferences, mailings…
4. Provide support to end users during the campaign
5. Produce a knowledge database and/or documentation on the knowledge
gained, as well as recommendations for future actions

Dear friend,
You may already know me, since this is not the first time I write you in
order to find a
partner for one of the projects that  my office is carrying out with. I am
writing to you on
behalf of AproTECH Office. 
For this time I have 3 new projects to offer you. Due to time restrictions,
CHARGE IN EACH CASE. (Contact details are given below).
Attached you can find the abstract of each project.
For this project, the following entities are needed:

     enterprises spezilizing in creation of multilingual contents and
     throughout mass-media and countries 
     telephonical and e-mailing support on information technologies issues 
     technological partner, to create and integrate contents

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