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From patrick.schouller@inria.fr Wed May 29 16:17:08 2002
To: (Suppression de la liste des destinataires)
From: Patrick Schouller 
Subject: Preparation conference IST de Copenhague / Reunion Bruxelles /
  31 mai 2002

Dear Sir/Madam,
Each year, the Commission organises a major conference and exhibition
on research and technological developments in the IT and communications
sector.  Preparation of the IST 2002 event has begun, to be hosted under the
Danish Presidency of the EU in close cooperation with the Danish Ministry of
Science, Technology and Innovation.
This event will take place in the Bella Center Copenhagen, from 4-6 November
2002, and will address the theme “Partnerships for the future”.  It is
to promote the formation of networks of researchers and industrialists, at the
time when IST is being re-launched as part of Europe’s 6th Framework Programme
for research and technological development.
In a departure from previous years, IST 2002 will broaden its scope to cover
all European research and technological development in the field of IT and
communications; whether this be funded at European, national or regional
or within the private sector.  In short the IST 2002 event will serve to begin
development of a European Research Area for the Information Society.
IST 2002 is being shaped to meet the needs of its participants.  The European
Commission has published on the web (http://2002.istevent.cec.eu.int) calls
ideas both for specific workshops and for individual technological exhibits. 
IST 2002 is therefore not to be missed by anyone who is actively:
        Engaged in research
        Funding research through national, regional or private initiatives
        Setting strategic research priorities
        Seeking to exploit commercially the results of research
We consider that the success of the event will depend heavily on the
involvement of networks of “multipliers”, such as associations of researchers,
industrialists, academics, investors, etc, as early as possible in our
preparations. .  The Commission is therefore seeking your help to disseminate
as widely as possible the new concept of IST 2002, and is seeking your advice
on ideas for specific workshops and exhibits.  To this end you are cordially
invited to an information and consultation meeting on IST 2002 that will take
in Brussels, on the 31st May 2002 at 10:00h, in the Centre de Conférences
Borschette, rue Froissart 36. The room number is announced at the entrance.
Please bring this invitation with you to facilitate your access to the meeting
During this meeting our outline plans for IST 2002 will be presented, and you
will be given the opportunity to discuss your own needs and ideas directly
those responsible for its organisation.

Should you wish to attend, please would you send a confirmation to Mrs.
Jacqueline Drieskens by email to jacqueline.drieskens@cec.eu.int (Tel
+32-2-296-6408) or by fax to +32-2-296-9131.
I look forward to meeting you in Brussels.
Yours faithfully,      
José Cotta 
Head of Unit, 
IST 2002 Event Coordinator

Representant national aux comites IST - TEN TELECOM - IAP - PROMISE; E CONTENT

Ministere de l'Economie des Finances et de l'Industrie
Le Bervil 12 rue Villiot   75572 PARIS CEDEX 12
Telephone : 33 (0)1 53 44 94 25 Telecopie : 33 (0)1 53 44 98 51
Mel : patrick.schouller@industrie.gouv.fr