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From roger.seite@mesr.fr Mon Jul 13 11:22 MET 1998
From: roger.seite@mesr.fr (roger.seite)
Subject: European conference Marcom'98 : call for papers
Cc: laurent.de-mercey@mesr.fr, daniel.royer@mesr.fr, francois.jacq@mesr.fr
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 1998 11:30:42 +0200

Madame, Monsieur,

Les organisateurs de la conference europeenne MARCOM'98 (Brest : 13 et 14
octobre 1998), proposee par le projet ACTS "EIES", et consacree a
l'utilisation des technologies de l'information au domaine maritime, lancent
un appel a communications, avec la date limite du 31 juillet.

Je vous prie de trouver ci-apres le texte integral de cet appel ainsi que
les elements d'information qui l'accompagnent.

Dear Madam, dear Sir,

I have the pleasure to send you a call for papers concerning the
MARCOM'98 European Workshop on "Information Technologies and Multimedia
Services for the Maritime World".
The workshop will take place in the harbour city of Brest, France, on
October 13 and 14, 1998. It is organised by the EIES Project, which is a
member of the European Commission's "Advanced Communications
Technologies and Services" (ACTS) Program.

Marcom'98 will be the occasion to collect and discuss the results of the
maritime projects conducted during the 4th R&D Frame Work Program.
Participants will present results from ongoing initiatives, and exchange
their views and experiences.
It will moreover represent a great opportunity for the participants to
discover the 5th Frame Work Program, to explore how maritime projects
can be developed in this future context and to set the first guidelines
for the 5th Frame Work Program.

This call for papers is especially intended for participants in EC R&D
Programmes, like TRANSPORT (DG VII), Telematics for TRANSPORT (DG

Please note that the deadline for submitting a summary is July 31, 1998.
Notification of acceptance will be given by August 21, 1998. Full paper
and demonstration scenario, if any, should then be received by September
14, 1998.
I would be grateful if you could forward this message to people who
might be interested.

Looking forward to the pleasure of reading you soon,

I am at your disposal should you require any further information.

Best regards,

Agnes Bonnet


Information on the call for papers will be soon available on the web at

http://www.at.infowin.org/ACTS/IENM/Newsclips/ (ACTS Programme server)



October 13-14, 1998
Brest, France

Information Technologies and Multimedia Services for the Maritime World



The event MARCOM has already been organised twice, in Brest (France) in
1996 and in Bremen (Germany) in 1997. Representatives from 11 European
countries participated.
After the great success of these events, MARCOM'98 will take place in
Brest, France.

Objectives and Scope

Harbours and the maritime world are a major sector for the usage of
multimedia applications and services with the new communication

European initiatives, in the frame of the European Commission R&D
programs, are dealing with a wide range of topics such as Internet,
Intranet, ISDN, ATM, GPS, GIS, Vessel Traffic Management Information
Systems, UMTS, EDI..., in order to foster the use of advanced
communication services in the maritime areas.

During the workshop, major actors in the maritime world will present the
results of their initiatives and their plans for the future.

The workshop is open to all those who are involved in the maritime
Information Highways, in either an industrial, commercial or academic


A - Advanced Communication and Services for the Maritime World
	User requirements
	Multimedia applications
	On-line and off-line services
	Innovative networking technologies
	Suitable applications and networks
	Radio and satellite communication technologies and services
	Global solutions for harbours
	Experiments presentation and results
	New trends in communications within and between harbours
	Ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore communications

B - Market issues
	- Cost & benefits
	- Social, economical benefits
	- Market analysis
	- Human factor analysis
	- Stimulators & brakes
	- Regulation
	- Standards

Workshop Committee members

Mr P. Kervella, Atlantide, France
Mr E.-L. Melenec, ACEM, France
Mr P. Hartigan, MOHER Technologies, Ireland
Mr U. Kaufmann, BIBA, Germany
Mr C. Boettger, ISL, Germany
Mr H. Moyano, ENYCA, Spain
Mr N. Panagiotarakis, MARAC, Greece
Mr P. Perrot, France Telecom - Eutelis, France
Mrs M.-C. Tran, France Telecom - Eutelis, France
Mrs A. Bonnet, France Telecom - Eutelis, France

How to contribute to MARCOM'98

Those wishing to present papers on one of the topics listed above, or on
a related subject, are required to submit a short summary with a title
and the name(s) of the author(s).
Demonstration scenario are also welcome.

The summary and demonstration scenario, which will be considered for
approval by the workshop committee, should as well include the name,
telephone, fax number and e-mail of the person in charge of the paper
Please indicate the name of the European projects or initiatives you are
participating in.

Name and first name:
European project(s) or initiative(s) (if any) :
Programme (Transport, Telematics for Transport, Esprit, ACTS ...) :
Title of  the paper :
Title of demonstration scenario :

Notification of acceptance will be given by: August 21, 1998.
Full paper should then be received by : September 14, 1998.

E-mail communication is preferred.

The summary and demonstration scenario should be forwarded not later
than July 31, 1998, at the following address:

Agnes Bonnet
France Telecom - Eutelis
4-6, bvd Poissonniere
F-75 009 Paris   France

Tel : +33 1 55 33 36 09
Fax : +33 1 55 33 36 01
E-mail : bonnet@eutelis.fr
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                                       **    Ch. de mission Telecom
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