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Dear Madam or Dear Sir,
The European Commission is organising an information day on the "Preparatory
Action on the enhancement of the European industrial potential in the field of
Security research", hereafter referred to as PASR (Preparatory Action for
Security Research) on March 25, 2004 starting at 09:15 at Concert Noble, 82
d'Arlon, 1040 Brussels (http://www.concertnoble.com) .You are invited to
this information day and to disseminate this invitation to the membership of
your association, if applicable.
The main purpose of the information day is to prepare for the first call for
proposals PASR-2004 to be published in April 2004. The attached agenda is also
available on http://europa.eu.int/comm/research/security/index_en.html.
The information day is divided in 2 parts:
PART A is for the Commission to inform participants about the Preparatory
on Security, the related work programme and rules of participation.
PART B is a brokerage event and a forum for the participants to expose briefly
their ideas on possible topics to be addressed in proposals or potential
networks & partnerships. This will be made through 6 brokerage sessions with a
limited number (42maximum in total) of short presentations (2 slides and 5
minutes maximum each). Presentations addressing more than one priority will be
allocated to the session which suits best.
All proposers are invited to bring hard copies of their presentations to be
tabled during the information day for the benefit of other participants.
All participants are requested to notify not later than 22 March to our
helpdesk rtd-pasr@cec.eu.int their intention to participate and, when
applicable, to send an electronic version of their presentation(s) and an
indication in which session their presentations would fit best.
We look forward to welcoming you in Brussels on 25 March.
Yours sincerely
Herbert von Bose                        
Jacques Bus

Preparatory Action on Security Research
(Call PASR-2004)
March 25, 2004,
Concert Noble, 82 Rue d'Arlon, 1040 Brussels

09:15   Welcome / Introduction  
(Herbert von Bose, Jacques Bus)

09:30   The Preparatory Action 
(Background information, why research on security, how does the Preparatory
Action fits into other initiatives: Group of Personalities and European
Security Research Programme for 2007and beyond, 7th Framework Programme,
from DG Justice et Affaires Intérieures and DG Environment.) (Pieter de Smet)

10:00   Work Programme for call PASR-2004 (Christiane Bernard)

        10:25           Rules for participation      
(Participants & number, evaluation method, criteria & principles) (Joseph

10:45           Coffee break


11:15   Brokerage session 1 
        (Presentations on Supporting Activities, incl. partnerships or
coordinating networks relevant for the Preparatory Action)

12:15   Brokerage session 2 
(Presentations on proposals centred around situation awareness improvement)

12:45   Lunch 

        14:00           Brokerage session 3      
(Presentations on proposals centred around security optimisation and
of networked systems)

14:30   Brokerage session 4  
(Presentations on proposals centred around protection against terrorism)

15:00           Coffee break
15:30   Brokerage session 5  
(Presentations on proposals centred around crisis management)

16:00   Brokerage session 6  
(Presentations on proposals centred around interoperability and integrated

        16:30           Conclusions (Jacques Bus, Herbert von Bose)

        16:45           Adjourn 

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