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       Premium portail grec cherche partenaires e-content
       Mon, 17 Mar 2003 11:58:42 +0100 (MET)

Our Company -Premium SA-  is an internet-media company with offices in Athens. We have develeped one
of the most reputable financial portal in Greece -www.reporter.gr and also we provide culture and
life style e-content to different organisations(sites, newspapers, tv and radio channels etc) . We
have more than 30 full time employees, most of them are journalists, and about 15 part time.

Please find  a short description of our business.
I would appreciate any effort to submit this request to whom it might be concern.
Premium S.A. is a news and e-Content providing company. It was founded in 1995 and its original
purpose was the journalistic and artistic supplementation of various publications, as well as the
provision of counseling services in the field of company promotion and communication. Since 1999,
Premium S.A. has ventured into the internet with the financial news portal www.reporter.gr, while at
the same time a series of specialized "added value" services for businesses has been developed. 

www.Reporter.gr went "on air" in the year 2000 and has since developed into the most credible
electronic financial and stock exchange news agency in Greece. Now there are more than 25,000
registered users, including the biggest banks in Greece, stock brokerage houses, investment houses
and listed companies. The services  provided to all subscribers includes:

 Historical news archive, categorized per company as well as per field
 Non stop minute-by-minute news influx
 News item archives
 Article search
 "Real time" broadcasting of the Athens Stock Exchange sessions
 Individual "Company Page" for every listed company
 Database containing the activities of all the listed companies' main stock holders
 Balance sheet archives
 Database containing the members of all the introduced companies' board of directors
 Option to create a personal portfolio
 Personal pages
 Direct news update for each subscriber via e-mail, with pre-selected news briefs 
 Direct connection from any computer in the world, without the need for a special connection or the
installation of any special program.
 Foreign stock exchange markets
 Mutual Funds prices
 Stock market analysing tools 
 Stock bond and company evaluation tools

Premium S.A. also provides news and financial information for the major stock exchange markets in
the Balkans area including Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey and Romania 


Panayiotis Tsantilas
  General Manager, Premium SA
  6 Dragatsaniou Str, ATHENS, GREECE
  tel 210 3318411
  email tsantilas@reporter.gr
Aside from providing financial content, Premium S.A. has also ventured into the field of cultural
e-content provision, in plain electronic format as well as in SMS form. 
The various categories of cultural content that Premium S.A. provides include cinema, theater,
music, new book and music album releases and night life. All categories refer to Athens and