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       Les ministères roumains de la Santé et des Communications recherchent partenaires e content
       Wed, 19 Mar 2003 09:12:10 +0100 (MET)

Follow your e-mail to Diana Voicu, e-Content NCP for Roumanie, I'll send you a short
description of the project "e-Health portal". I am looking for a partners (laboratories, big
company, official body, public services, consultants) for this project, which purpuse is to
create a medical database for citizen and medical staff.
Nicolae Cretu,
counsellor, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Government of Romania

  1.Pilot project  portal with information regarding the health

This system will contribute to the development of a modern, efficient health
system available for all the Romanian citizens.

This project was made by MCIT with the aid of the Ministry of Health and

The project proves the usefulness of a unique access point to the
information regarding the services in the medical/sanitary field that should
be available to both patients and the medical staff.

The project consists in achieving a portal that contains information regarding
the medical field. The system contains a database made with the aid of the
sanitary institutions. This information directory contains titles, descriptions,
and provides data with regard to the medical services and to the resources
that each citizen may access.

The appropriate use of the web technologies, with the purpose of the rise of
the degree of availability of quality information regarding health, may lead to
the increase of the importance of the preventive medicine that, on long term,
may reduce the administrative and social costs for the diagnosis and the
medical treatment.