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Le programme Safer Internet propose, dans le cadre de l'appel en cours, deux conférences organisées par des projets actuellement financés dans le cadre de ce programme.

- Le 8 Novembre 2003, la conférence Educaunet à Rome 

On 8 November 2003, all the actors of the educational world will be brought together in Rome to debate about youths and the Internet: parents, head teachers, teachers, pupils, but also political decision makers and media education professionals. The international conference organised in Rome, on November 8th, by the European Parents Association EPA and the Italian parents association A.Ge., focuses on two directions: to stimulate the interest of the general public and to create a synergy between the various adult actors who surround and accompany the child. 

There is no entrance fee.


- le 20 Novembre 2003,la conférence INHOPE de Berlin 

A major one-day international conference called "The Internet in 2004: Safe or Just Safer? - an INHOPE Initiative" in the Grand Hotel Esplanade in Berlin on 20 November 2003. The INHOPE inaugural one-day conference will create an exciting forum and target an audience representing the areas of law enforcement, child welfare, Internet Service Providers (ISP's) and the interested parents of children all eager for 'frank talk.' This conference will demonstrate the importance of protecting people's rights, especially childrens'; preventing victimization through consumer education; promote a network linking the experts and specialists in the field of sexual exploitation and online illegal content and enable the expansion of the INHOPE network to new and diverse stakeholders. 


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