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Dear Madam,  Sir, 

I am writing to you to ask if you would be interested in joining a
consortium we are bringing
together to apply for a European Union funding to develop solutions to help
bodies to deal with citizens' inquiries or complaints on-line.

Our proposal, "CC Government" is to be a C2G and G2B platform in which all
collaboration and knowledge sharing would be managed in line with the
policy of the European
Union to make governmental organizations as transparent as possible to
their citizens and to

The unique advantages of this platform are:

     A 24/7 platform, based on proven Application Service Providing
     An all communication platform which makes it direct accessible to all
     parties. Email is abandoned as a mean of communication but is used
only for
     An online tracking and tracing capability for all parties. 
     Transparency throughout the whole process of case handling. 
     Knowledge securing by publishing requests and solutions. 
     Automatic monitoring of - and taking actions in Service Level
     Publishing all provided services.

My company, Xprise Business Solutions is setting up a consortium to apply
for EU funding.
We are a Dutch based ICT company in the field of management and control of
collaboration processes and especially the support of complex processes
such as case- and
workflow management as well as knowledge management.

Xprise is a spin-off of the Profuse Holding, the leading BaaN partner in
the Benelux and

Based on this business process driven view, we have developed an
application that supports
processes in the following disciplines where communication, collaboration
and knowledge
sharing is crucial in the network between partners.

     Business to Business (B2B) 
     Consumer to Business (C2B) 
     Citizen to Government (C2G) 
     Government to Business G2B)

With these competencies and the success of the IST project "CCForm"
initiated by the
FEDMA in Brussels the next stage is to present this TEN, e-Government

The following organizations and institutions have already given their
agreement to collaborate in
this CC Government project:

     Xprise Business Solutions, Netherlands; Solution provider; Project
     FEDMA, Brussels; Knowledge provider; Project member 
     University of Professional Education of Utrecht, Netherlands;
Knowledge provider;
     Project member 
     City of Metz, France; Pilot site and solution partner; Project
     City of Verseg, Hungary; Pilot site and solution partner; Project

The following governmental organizations have already shown their interest
of participation in
this CC Government project:

     Quattropole, France, Germany, Luxembourg; Pilot site and solution
partner; Project
     Region of West Greece; Pilot site and solution partner; Project
     Region of Lombardy, Italy; Pilot site and solution partner; Project

There is still a need for additional interested participants to step into
this project as knowledge
providers and/or project contractors.

We plan to organize a workshop on the 13th of May in Brussels for all
interested participant.
During this workshop the business plan will be unfolded, cases will be
discussed and a
real-time ASP simulation, based on practical cases, will be presented.

An official invitation for the workshop will be send out to all
participants in this e-Government
project and we would be extremely grateful if you could assist us by
bringing us in contact with
interested parties.

Awaiting your swift reply, 
Yours sincerely, 
Xprise Business Solutions 
Eddy Robles 
Business Development Director 


                **** Project Summary - CC Government ***

A new online citizen communication service will be offered by Regional
Governments enabling
citizens to discover the citizen care office for any public service,
initiate a dialog and quickly
obtain a resolution to their concerns using a case-based online
communication system over
the internet.

A common approach to concern identification and public service care office
access will be
used Europe-wide. Citizens may use the service themselves, or can be helped
by existing
citizen service centre staff or other similar organisations.

CC Government is unique because it delivers in a total approach a powerful
mechanism, a single extensible communication form, an online case-based
citizen dialog
system and innovative mediation facility.

The CC Government project goal is to pilot and validate this new service
based on existing

technologies. The project extends Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) service
to a new field,
repurposes the same proven technology that powers ODR to provide citizen
dialog, and uses
UDDI to provide public service office discovery. The project goes on to
validate the application
of extensible, ontology-driven forms to public services.

Our main business objective is to provide a very cost effective
communication channel with
individual citizens from every government service, whether provided
directly, through a
government or Non-Government agency, or outsourced to a commercial
supplier. Our main
socio-economic objective is to increase citizen trust and confidence in
e-Government by
improving the standards of citizen care. Regional Governments create this
e-Service by
registering the citizen care offices for each public service in the CC
Government Registry.
Citizens can discover the correct office by simply selecting the service
they are concerned
about. They can then initiate a dialog with that service. Capturing the
information about which
office provides citizen care for what service, and making that knowledge
available to citizens for
recipient discovery makes this a user-centric, knowledge-based e-Government

Citizens can express their concerns using a structured online form.
Although this form is
resented in many languages and can be extended for many public service
issues, its powerful
ontology base ensures that concerns can be mapped for consistent resolution
and statistical
comparisons across services, within a Region and between regions across all
over Europe. 

A large number of government services will eventually be involved. Many of
those services have
limited staff and no budget for timely implementation of citizen care
services. Each service
would benefit from an easy-to-use, case-based, citizen communication
interface with which it
could handle, track and archive the dialog with each citizen. We can do
this quickly and with
low investment effort by using the services, our case-based citizen dialog
system. Unresolved
cases can be escalated to the online dispute mediation service.

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